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A word from the artist:


My painting career counts for over two decades and subject of my work naturally changes with time. I find inspiration in everything life throws at me, good and bad. We had been spending more and more time in the north of Scotland in the past years, finding piece and ourselves. I feel closer to nature with age, (even though I grow up in the forest in my native Poland) the sounds and the smells are more vivid now. 

I am still a very visual person, a painter as much as a designer and my interests spread widely from great painters like Balthus and Paula Rego to architecture of art nouveau to rich and geometrical patterns of art deco. I try to incorporate all of those passions in my work. Modern art is about freedom and confidence and fine art is about skill – those are essential for me and as long as present in my art- I will be satisfied as artist. 

My latest work is strongly inspired by nature, floral and botanical and expresses soft lines (art nouveau-esque) that are then clashed with art deco-esque geometrical and designed lines. Some of those painting are still build on a story (like the one about my mum’s garden) others are built on the feeling alone.