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MORE IS MORE  Studio 202, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow G1 5HZ

MORE IS MORE is Glasgow based art studio and online shop created by artist and designer Karolina Franceschini. Among original art pieces and craftily framed prints, she is using her oil painting as base for textile designs, transferred into fabric by Advance Textiles Center at Glasgow’s School of Art.

Word from the Artist:

“With 20 years of experience in fine art and years spent working as an interior designer for a global home furnishing company- it felt like the most natural step to merge those two passions together and create something truly special. I am deeply in love with painting and I know how presence of art can influence quality of everyday life. But owning original pieces can sometimes be a big investment, I

thought there should be another way of art becoming a lifestyle choice.

I am also an all-time admirer of art deco and nouveau décor styles, maximalism in and basically everything that is visually intense, so once I’ve put all those thoughts together, they become a starting point for creating my brand: More is More.